Bupa asked me to help them design their first business to offer services in the disability space. I worked
with the team for six months to design all aspects of Bupa Therapy. We engaged extensively with people with disabilities, their carers, clinicians and experts from the space to create a solid knowledge base
from which to design the next generation of disability therapy spaces in Australia. The first hub is
scheduled to open in November '17.



I worked with Telstra from Nov '15 to Feb '16 on a significant piece of work that I can't really speak about. The work is ongoing, and I was involved in leading a team of designers, and was responsible for stakeholder engagement and the end-to-end customer and staff experience.



Gooroo is a startup that matches tech professionals to jobs. It uses a combination of natural language analysis, machine learning, and a proprietary matching algorithm to match professionals to jobs. I was responsible for the customer experience, and informing our strategy to align with user expectations. I was with Gooroo from Jan 2015 through to Nov 2015.



Huddle is a strategic service design agency based in Melbourne, and work with Australia's leading companies. I worked as the Practice Manager from July 2013 - Jan 2015. My role was to curate our knowledge for application in projects, proposals and professional development, as well as leading design teams, and designing projects.



Upwrd is a personal and professional coaching service helping with everything from resolve deep personal issues to career coaching using both coaching techniques and positive psychology. I use my comprehensive understanding of human behaviour and experience in personal development to help people go after the life they want.



The Melbourne Service Design Network fosters the service design communities in Melbourne through a variety of events. I sit on the committee and help out where I can.



The Global Service Jam is a worldwide event hosted in over 100 cities around the world. Teams have 48 hours to design a brand new service based on a common theme, using service design tools and methodologies. I help organise this year's jam in Melbourne, co-facilitated and wrote the toolkit.